PubChem structure imagefly widget

PubChem structure imagefly widget

v 1.4

The PubChem strcuture imagefly widget is used to zoom in/out compound strcutures. It's useful for large molecule weight strcuture when users want to see details. The older version "strcuturefly.cgi" has served the community for years. Now we widgetized it to allow the third party to use it (for free).

1. Required files:

jQuery 1.10 and above, jQuery UI 1.10 above, jQuery UI css 1.10 above. As of Jan 2018, the jQuery was updated to 3.3.1:

2. Implement the widget call:

<div id="mydiv"></div>

  containerWidth: 500,
  containerHeight: 300,
  containerResizable: true,
  defaultImageSize: 300,
  min: 100,
  max: 1000,
  zoomStep: 100

Requred parameters: cid or sid (not both). All others are optional.


3. Features:

4. Mobile version:

We simplified the widget for mobile device. Some features are removed when the widget detect if the device is touch. We enlarged the [+] and [-] button to allow easy finger touch, removed resize, mousewheel, and slider features. The touch move will be enabled when the image is greater than the container.

5. Release Log:

2013-08-14 - v0.1b beta release.

2013-09-16 - v1.0 initial release: added help doc.

2014-03-10 - v1.1 release: switch to use pug rest to generate 2d structure image. Added 3d conformer link for compound.

2014-06-10 - v1.2 release: switch back to use imagefly.cgi to show onhold record with upload login.

2014-10-10 - v1.3 release: disabled the image container resizable function for non-touch screen.

2018-02-08 - v1.4 release: updated jQuery to version 3.3.1, jQuery-ui version 1.12.1.

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