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Compound Summary for: CID 23673837

Dioctyl Sulfosuccinic Acid

Also known as: Docusate sodium; Aerosol OT; Constonate; Diomedicone; Clestol; Complemix; Defilin; Dioctlyn; Dioctylal; Diosuccin
Molecular Formula: C20H37NaO7S   Molecular Weight: 444.558349   InChIKey: APSBXTVYXVQYAB-UHFFFAOYSA-M
All-purpose surfactant, wetting agent, and solubilizer used in the drug, cosmetics, and food industries. It has also been used in laxatives and as cerumenolytics. It is usually administered as either the calcium, potassium, or sodium salt.   From: MeSH
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Use and Manufacturing
Biomedical Effects and Toxicity
Safety and Handling
Environmental Fate and Exposure Potential
Monitoring and Analysis Methods
Biological Test Results
Chemical and Physical Properties
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