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Compound Summary for: CID 9574101


Also known as: Exanta; Exarta; H 376-95; Exanta (TN); H 376/95; H 37695; Ximelagatran [USAN:INN]; Ximelagatran (JAN/USAN/INN)
Molecular Formula: C24H35N5O5   Molecular Weight: 473.5652   InChIKey: ZXIBCJHYVWYIKI-PZJWPPBQSA-N
Ximelagatran (Exanta® or Exarta®, H 376/95) is an anticoagulant that has been investigated extensively as a replacement for warfarin that would overcome the problematic dietary, drug interaction, and monitoring issues associated with warfarin therapy. In 2006, its manufacturer AstraZeneca announced that it would not attempt to market ximelagatran after reports of hepatotoxicity (liver damage) during trials, and to discontinue its distribution in countries where the drug had been approved.   From: DrugBank
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