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Compound Summary for: CID 73352

Peptide T

Also known as: l-alanyl-l-seryl-l-threonyl-l-threonyl-l-threonyl-l-asparaginyl-l-tyrosyl-l-threonine; 106362-32-7; AC1L2JPM; AC1Q5JOJ; UNII-05DYM3ZS1X
Molecular Formula: C35H55N9O16   Molecular Weight: 857.8619   InChIKey: IWHCAJPPWOMXNW-LYKMMFCUSA-N
N-(N-(N(2)-(N-(N-(N-(N-D-Alanyl L-seryl)-L-threonyl)-L-threonyl) L-threonyl)-L-asparaginyl)-L-tyrosyl) L-threonine. Octapeptide sharing sequence homology with HIV envelope protein gp120. It is potentially useful as antiviral agent in AIDS therapy. The core pentapeptide sequence, TTNYT, consisting of amino acids 4-8 in peptide T, is the HIV envelope sequence required for attachment to the CD4 receptor.   From: MeSH
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