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Also known as: oleoyl estrone; Estrone 3-oleate; AC1OCFCS; SureCN38079; MP-101; DB04870
Molecular Formula: C36H54O3   Molecular Weight: 534.81216   InChIKey: IMIPDPVHGGHVNH-YWVHRCQQSA-N
Oleoyl-estrone (OE) is a fatty acid ester of estrone. It is a naturally circulating hormone in animals including humans. It was first reported in 1996 to cause a body fat loss effect in rats in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders. The animal research has all been conducted by the Nitrogen-Obesity Research Group of the University of Barcelona. The compound was found to potently induce body-fat loss while preserving protein stores in animals which is the ultimate goal of an anti-obesity agent as body protein loss is an undesired but inevitable (to some degree) side effect of fat loss via calorie restriction. [Wikipedia]   From: DrugBank
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