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Compound Summary for: CID 6708701


Also known as: DSSTox_CID_21752; DSSTox_RID_79835; DSSTox_GSID_41752; CAS-56-25-7; NCGC00016247-01; 56-25-7
Molecular Formula: C10H12O4   Molecular Weight: 196.19988   InChIKey: DHZBEENLJMYSHQ-OBDNUKKESA-N
A toxic compound, isolated from the Spanish fly or blistering beetle (Lytta (Cantharis) vesicatoria) and other insects. It is a potent and specific inhibitor of protein phosphatases 1 (PP1) and 2A (PP2A). This compound can produce severe skin inflammation, and is extremely toxic if ingested orally.   From: MeSH
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Use and Manufacturing
Biomedical Effects and Toxicity
Safety and Handling
Environmental Fate and Exposure Potential
Exposure Standards and Regulations
Monitoring and Analysis Methods
Biological Test Results
Chemical and Physical Properties
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