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Compound Summary for: CID 6468


Also known as: 1-(1-Phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine; Angel dust; Dust; Sernyl; Fenciclidina; Phencyclidinum; Cadillac; Crystal
Molecular Formula: C17H25N   Molecular Weight: 243.3871   InChIKey: JTJMJGYZQZDUJJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N
A hallucinogen formerly used as a veterinary anesthetic, and briefly as a general anesthetic for humans. Phencyclidine is similar to KETAMINE in structure and in many of its effects. Like ketamine, it can produce a dissociative state. It exerts its pharmacological action through inhibition of NMDA receptors (RECEPTORS, N-METHYL-D-ASPARTATE). As a drug of abuse, it is known as PCP and Angel Dust.   From: MeSH
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Use and Manufacturing
Biomedical Effects and Toxicity
Safety and Handling
Environmental Fate and Exposure Potential
Exposure Standards and Regulations
Monitoring and Analysis Methods
Biomolecular Interactions and Pathways
Biological Test Results
Chemical and Physical Properties
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