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Compound Summary for: CID 55582

Neurokinin A

Also known as: Substance K; Neuromedin L; alpha-Neurokinin; Neuromedin L.; 86933-74-6; His-Lys-Thr-Asp-Ser-Phe-Val-Gly-Leu-Met-NH2; Neurokinin alpha
Molecular Formula: C50H80N14O14S   Molecular Weight: 1133.3206   InChIKey: HEAUFJZALFKPBA-UHFFFAOYSA-N
A mammalian neuropeptide of 10 amino acids that belongs to the tachykinin family. It is similar in structure and action to SUBSTANCE P and NEUROKININ B with the ability to excite neurons, dilate blood vessels, and contract smooth muscles, such as those in the BRONCHI.   From: MeSH
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