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Leukotriene C4

Also known as: LTC4; 5S-hydroxy,6R-(S-glutathionyl),7E,9E,11Z,14Z-eicosatetraenoic acid; Leukotriene C1; Leucotriene C4; 72025-60-6; AC1NQX3P; 5S,6R-Ltc
Molecular Formula: C30H47N3O9S   Molecular Weight: 625.77388   InChIKey: GWNVDXQDILPJIG-NXOLIXFESA-N
The conjugation product of LEUKOTRIENE A4 and glutathione. It is the major arachidonic acid metabolite in macrophages and human mast cells as well as in antigen-sensitized lung tissue. It stimulates mucus secretion in the lung, and produces contractions of nonvascular and some VASCULAR SMOOTH MUSCLE. (From Dictionary of Prostaglandins and Related Compounds, 1990)   From: MeSH
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