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Also known as: CHEMBL308183; NSC114572; Ryanadol; 15662-33-6; 3-(1H-pyrrole-2-carboxylate; NSC-114572; AC1L1JN1; AGN-PC-006OAK
Molecular Formula: C25H35NO9   Molecular Weight: 493.5467   InChIKey: JJSYXNQGLHBRRK-UHFFFAOYSA-N
A methylpyrrole-carboxylate from RYANIA that disrupts the RYANODINE RECEPTOR CALCIUM RELEASE CHANNEL to modify CALCIUM release from SARCOPLASMIC RETICULUM resulting in alteration of MUSCLE CONTRACTION. It was previously used in INSECTICIDES. It is used experimentally in conjunction with THAPSIGARGIN and other inhibitors of CALCIUM ATPASE uptake of calcium into SARCOPLASMIC RETICULUM.   From: MeSH
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Biomedical Effects and Toxicity
Biological Test Results
Chemical and Physical Properties
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