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Compound Summary for: CID 23930


Also known as: Colloidal manganese; MANGANESE COMPOUNDS; Cutaval; Magnacat; Tronamang; Mangan; 7439-96-5; Manganese fume
Molecular Formula: Mn   Molecular Weight: 54.938045   InChIKey: PWHULOQIROXLJO-UHFFFAOYSA-N
A trace element with atomic symbol Mn, atomic number 25, and atomic weight 54.94. It is concentrated in cell mitochondria, mostly in the pituitary gland, liver, pancreas, kidney, and bone, influences the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, stimulates hepatic synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids, and is a cofactor in many enzymes, including arginase and alkaline phosphatase in the liver. (From AMA Drug Evaluations Annual 1992, p2035)   From: MeSH
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Use and Manufacturing
Biomedical Effects and Toxicity
Safety and Handling
Environmental Fate and Exposure Potential
Exposure Standards and Regulations
Biomolecular Interactions and Pathways
Chemical and Physical Properties
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