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Compound Summary for: CID 197060


Also known as: Endabuse; 12-Methoxyibogamine; Ibogain; Tabernanthe iboga; Ibogamine, 12-methoxy-; NIH 10567; DEA No. 7260; EINECS 201-498-4
Molecular Formula: C20H26N2O   Molecular Weight: 310.43324   InChIKey: HSIBGVUMFOSJPD-CFDPKNGZSA-N
One of several indole alkaloids extracted from Tabernanthe iboga, Baill. It has a complex pharmacological profile, and interacts with multiple systems of neurotransmission. Ibogaine has psychoactive properties and appears to modulate tolerance to opiates.   From: MeSH
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