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Compound Summary for: CID 17150


Also known as: Formebolone; Esiclene; Hubernol; Formebolone [INN:BAN]; UNII-Z2MMV08KUQ; Formebolonum [INN-Latin]; Formebolona [INN-Spanish]
Molecular Formula: C21H28O4   Molecular Weight: 344.44462   InChIKey: AMVODTGMYSRMNP-GNIMZFFESA-N
Formebolone, a derivative of androstane [1], is an anabolic androgenic steroid. It is on the list of substances prohibited by the Word Anti-Doping Agency, and is regularly screened for in athletes. It is also classified by the US Drug Enforcement Administration as Schedule III drug in the Controlled Substances Act. It has been used experimentally in the treatment of growth retardation, and has been noted to increase bone mass. [1] Additionally, it has been patented for use in development of novel transdermal delivery systems for enhanced drug delivery.    From: DrugBank
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