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Compound Summary for: CID 16132362

Atrial Natriuretic Factor

Also known as: Atriopeptin (1-28); Peptide, atrial natriuretic; Ranp (1-28); Anf (1-28); Anp (1-28); Atrial natriuretic factor (1-28); 3B3-081949
Molecular Formula: C128H207N45O39S2   Molecular Weight: 3064.42128   InChIKey: BABRMHJHAGFVGO-BRTFOEFASA-N
A potent natriuretic and vasodilatory peptide or mixture of different-sized low molecular weight PEPTIDES derived from a common precursor and secreted mainly by the HEART ATRIUM. All these peptides share a sequence of about 20 AMINO ACIDS.   From: MeSH
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Chemical and Physical Properties
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