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BioActivity Data for Compound SR-03000002806 (CID 56596523)

BioActivity Outcomes:
Top Targets:
Lactamase B(1)
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Chemical Probe    Active    Inactive    Inconclusive    Unspecified   

Total Bioassays: 1    Data Row: 1   Total Pages: 1   
OutcomeTypeValue [μM]
MIC [4 fold reduction] 1.563Late stage assay provider results from the probe development efforts to identify inhibitors of VIM-2 metallo-beta-lactamase (nonselective): Growth inhibition of clinically relevant VIM-2-transformed Acinetobacter species (YMC07/8/B3323) in the presence of imipenem (synergy) [AID624096, Type: other]metallo beta-lactamase [Pseudomonas aeruginosa] [gi:7381449]