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BioAssay: AID 513704

Displacement of [3H]vasopressin from rat vasopressin V2 receptor expressed in CHO cells

Title: Oral oxytocin antagonists.
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 Tested Compounds
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AID: 513704
Data Source: ChEMBL (661558)
BioAssay Type: Confirmatory, Concentration-Response Relationship Observed
Depositor Category: Literature, Extracted
BioAssay Version:
Deposit Date: 2011-09-17
Modify Date: 2014-08-25

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Sequence: RecName: Full=Vasopressin V2 receptor; Short=V2R; AltName: Full=AVPR V2; AltName: Full=Antidiuretic hormone receptor; AltName: Full=Renal-type arginine vasopressin receptor
Description ..   
Comment ..   

Gene:AVPR2     Conserved Domain     Related Protein 3D Structures     More BioActivity Data..
Tested Compound:
Title: Oral oxytocin antagonists.
(PMID: 20550119)
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From BioAssay Depositor:
Assay Type: Binding
Target Type: Target is a single protein chain
Assay Data Source: Scientific Literature
BAO: Assay Format: cell-based format
Assay Cell Type: CHO
Result Definitions
OutcomeThe BioAssay activity outcomeOutcome
1Ki*Ki PubChem standard valueFloatμM
2Ki activity commentKi activity commentString
3Ki standard flagKi standard flagInteger
4Ki qualifierKi qualifierString
5Ki published valueKi published valueFloatnM
6Ki standard valueKi standard valueFloatnM

* Activity Concentration.

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