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BioAssay: AID 342464

Dissociation constant, pKa of the compound

Title: The many roles for fluorine in medicinal chemistry.
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 Tested Compounds
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 Tested Substances
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AID: 342464
Data Source: ChEMBL (490493)
Depositor Category: Literature, Extracted
BioAssay Version:
Deposit Date: 2010-05-26
Modify Date: 2014-05-25

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Tested Compounds:
Title: The many roles for fluorine in medicinal chemistry.
(PMID: 18570365)
Putative Target:

ChEMBL Target ID: 22229
Target Type: NO TARGET
Pref Name: No relevant target
Confidence: Default value - Target unknown or has yet to be assigned
Relationship Type: Default value - Target has yet to be curated
Categorized Comment - additional comments and annotations
From ChEMBL:
Assay Type: Physicochemical
Assay Data Source: Scientific Literature
BAO: Assay Format: small-molecule physicochemical format
Result Definitions
OutcomeThe BioAssay activity outcomeOutcome
1pKa activity commentpKa activity commentString
2pKa standard flagpKa standard flagInteger
3pKa qualifierpKa qualifierString
4pKa published valuepKa published valueFloat
5pKa standard valuepKa standard valueFloat

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