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BioAssay: AID 146062

Effective concentration against NR1/NR2C receptor

Title: Ligands for glutamate receptors: design and therapeutic prospects.
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 Tested Compounds
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 Tested Substances
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AID: 146062
Data Source: ChEMBL (143306)
BioAssay Type: Confirmatory, Concentration-Response Relationship Observed
Depositor Category: Literature, Extracted
BioAssay Version:
Deposit Date: 2010-05-24
Modify Date: 2014-05-20

Data Table ( Complete ):           Active    All
BioActive Compounds: 5
Title: Ligands for glutamate receptors: design and therapeutic prospects.
(PMID: 10893301)
Compounds with activity <= 50uM or explicitly reported as active by ChEMBL are flagged as active in this PubChem assay presentation.

Putative Target:

ChEMBL Target ID: 22226
Target Type: UNCHECKED
Pref Name: Unchecked
Confidence: Default value - Target unknown or has yet to be assigned
Relationship Type: Default value - Target has yet to be curated
Categorized Comment
Assay Type: Binding

Assay Data Source: Scientific Literature

Result Definitions
OutcomeThe BioAssay activity outcomeOutcome
1EC50*EC50 PubChem standard valueFloatμM
2EC50 activity commentEC50 activity commentString
3EC50 standard flagEC50 standard flagInteger
4EC50 qualifierEC50 qualifierString
5EC50 published valueEC50 published valueFloatμM
6EC50 standard valueEC50 standard valueFloatnM

* Activity Concentration.

Data Table (Concise)